Taylor Swift - Delicate

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Published: 10 months ago
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Delicate. ©2018 Big Machine Label Group LLC


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Who else misses Taylor's older music?

1 minute ago

This is the best song I have heard in a long time

6 minutes ago

0:54 Doctor... I don't feel so good...

13 minutes ago

What do you prefer?

New Rep single - like

First TS7 single - comment

20 minutes ago

Adoro essa cantora,tem carisma e sua voz é maravilhosa.

22 minutes ago

🍌 banana

24 minutes ago

Nyc song

49 minutes ago

All that u have to do is make the ugly face to disappear

50 minutes ago

oh , Taylor Swift is really my no. 01 favourite female singer . I LOVE THIS SONG . it's make me strong while I Listening her song....!!!! we LOVE you Taylor. your OUR QUEEN.

1 hour ago

Nikt mnie nie widzi? A chuj zatańcze

1 hour ago

that voice ... i love ... wrilly

1 hour ago

The thing is even when you get the chance to be invisible and do what you like after a while you’ll start to get bored and feel lonely so you would want to come back and would want to have touch with people again.
that’s a huge part of the video that I don’t think no one noticed, taylor was happy at the beginning when she went invisible but after a while she starts to get lonely you can see how much happy she was when she looked at the woman but felt so sad when the woman couldn’t see her but she backed off and tried to enjoy her time more but after a time she realized that she want people to see her again that’s when she went to the bar and had that magic paper in her hand and wished that people would see her again and when that happened you can see the relieve face and the gratful smile, that says it’s ok l, i’m alright.💜
It just one of the best scenes and this is one of the best music videos out there.💜

1 hour ago

Still my favorite song!!taylor queen.

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

Do anyone seen the new thumbnail?

2 hours ago

Anyone who likes Taylor swift😎😋

3 hours ago

Love this song

3 hours ago

we need new music video Taylor Swift

3 hours ago

I like Taylor♡

3 hours ago

There is a mistake on some Taylor Swift songs on YouTube. When opening Taylor Swift's first four albums' non-singles (like "Long Live" and "Stay Stay Stay"), the screen goes black and says "Premium Only". Is there any way that this issue can be fixed so it is working again you know? Without Premium? Oh god i miss those songs.....

4 hours ago

That lyrics is funny Taylor swift is doing dancing hahahahahaha.

4 hours ago


5 hours ago

🎶 My reputation's never been worse so you must love me for me🎶
Not just like, I love you for who you are.

6 hours ago

How has it almost been a year? I feel like i watched this premier last night!

6 hours ago

January 2019 anyone???

6 hours ago

New year's day lyrics on my channel.
Please do see

7 hours ago

Konstig video men ok

7 hours ago

I've watched this video multiple times trying to catch the meaning (if there was one) I think it shows the fine line between fame and invisibility. I absolutely LOVE the song!

7 hours ago

We need new Music video

8 hours ago

Only 3.8M Views Between Shake It Off And Roar.
Keep Str**ming Swifties!
We Must Get It At Least 1M Per Day.

8 hours ago