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Published: 1 month ago
It's another celebrity showdown. This time, we're finding out who has the best wings recipe. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: https://amzn.to/2GJ2xvv

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Are you the "oh yes" guy jesse?

8 minutes ago

Is everyone sleeping on how that one dude looks like he’s both genders at the same time

3 hours ago

2:58 but his hands are white😂

3 hours ago

Dafuq, is that a he or she....?

4 hours ago

Another new video title:*How To Murder About 100 Chickens* it’s true! You only eat 3-20 of the wings

5 hours ago


7 hours ago

bruh is that a man or a woman

8 hours ago

95% is about the Asian girl
4% is the sour cream and onion dip
1% is my comment

8 hours ago

A judge: Says something critical as being told to judge food
Everyone in the comments: STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!

9 hours ago

Wings are called wings for a god damm reason

9 hours ago

I’m Asian myself but honestly I’m kinda embarrassed 😂 she was complaining quite a lot, like come on every wings are delicious

10 hours ago

the asian girl is so annoying LMFAO

10 hours ago

The Asian girl was annoying as fuck

12 hours ago

the asian girl says gordons wings are flavourless but thinks pizza hut wings are good, kys

12 hours ago

People in the comments need to remember that these people were put in this video were meant to judge the food and obviously they’re going to judge based on their own personal opinion and if they like the taste

13 hours ago

The moment when she is talking about cleansing her palate by eating the celery every time... Really?

13 hours ago

IDK why you guys hate the asian girl. You guys don’t like her opinions and so what?

13 hours ago

1:45 disgusting bitch

13 hours ago

First of all everyone is ripping on this girl and have you tasted the wings you don’t even know what it tastes like, secondly when she said drumstick I’m pretty sure she meant drumette which is one of the three parts of the wing (Gordon Ramsey’s wing was a drumette) although I do think that maybe once in a while they should have tasty producers instead of people that work at buzzfeed, the people watching this probably aren’t people who are food experts either so please stop the hate

14 hours ago

"there doesn't need to be sesame oil on that, that's like pretentious or something" what a fucking clown

15 hours ago