Everything Wrong With The Boss Baby In15 Minutes Or Less

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Published: 1 year ago
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Seems like every year we get several half-assed animated movies with famous voice-actors. This is yet another of them. I don't care if it made money, it's certainly not good! Boss Baby is sinful, yo!

Thursday: Over-the-top sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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You get a cookie..... and put it in the cake

Da ####

27 minutes ago

Also if you count a t as a shape its stronger than a triangle.. Which is why we use them for bbuildings

38 minutes ago

6:43 "You get the cookies and I'll put them in some cake oooohhhhh so all I have to do as an adult is bake cake with cookies in it😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

1 hour ago

Have you ever thought that maybe the teacher spot was left blank because he's homeschooled which would make sense as to why he never goes to school

2 hours ago

2:55 f***?

3 hours ago

4:43 bad animation.

3 hours ago

At 6:42 he says you put the cookies in the cake

3 hours ago


5 hours ago

"You get some cookies and you put it in some cake." 'Scuse me, I need to rethink my life now.

6 hours ago

6:45 is it just me or did I here cookie and cake

6 hours ago

its 121 in the time tim was talking about you now what he didnt have to wisper nobody is around to here him.doy

7 hours ago

close your eyes 6:10

11 hours ago

The whole movie it’s self is a sin

13 hours ago

Teacher is left blank cause Tim probrably did not go to school.
There is evidence in parts of the movie

14 hours ago

When he was saying about how babys where made Tim said "you get a cookie and you put it in a piece of cake" no shit

15 hours ago

2:55 Am I paranoid or did he just curse?

1 day ago

my least favorite movie

1 day ago

3:43 Dreamworks made the netflix voltron series! Such sneaky promotion

1 day ago

15 minutes or less my boootyyy this video is 16+ mins long brother

1 day ago

If u think telling a 7 year how babies are made is insane...try at 4 years old and continuing until 18 years old... (that is me telling you about what I had to go though as a child Sex ed was not something I need in middle school)

1 day ago


1 day ago

How babies are made: Mommy fucks Daddy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

1 day ago

Tim is obviously A LITTLE BITCH

1 day ago

13:00 that burn was...


1 day ago

I saw an ad for this movie shortly after my mom told me she was pregnant after not having a kid for 11 years. I thought I was the last one obviously. It was still a sore subject so I hate the movie. But the “suck it” part was the best part. Course it was because I’m 13.

1 day ago

I would tell my 7 year old child where babies come from

1 day ago

Why does the baby remind of Donald trump

1 day ago

3:36 Umm, I would like an N64

1 day ago

sounds like tim says "you get a cookie and put it in a cake" when he says how babies are made

1 day ago

When Tim told boss baby where babies come from he said “you get the cookie and put in some cake “wtf

1 day ago