How to Stop a Riot

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Published: 1 year ago
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Protest footage used with permission from

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I hope you enjoy this video! I attempted to make it as apolitical as possible and centered around the tactics but I'm sure some commenters will disagree.

If you didn't see at the end of the video, I'm launching a new channel this Thursday and I'd really appreciate it if you subscribe in advance to give it a shot. The link is the top one in the description.

1 year ago

+Benjamin McLean Why are nazis bad? How can a belief be bad?

1 day ago

I reported this channel

1 day ago

Those are not simply "counter-protestors" but criminals like ANTIFA fascists and others...and on the other side are also the most people normal people demonstrating peacefully ... idiot [email protected] Productions : FUCK YOU FAKE NEWS

1 day ago

Jesus fuck this reply chain is a mess.

2 days ago

I don't really blame the police but there were definitely good people on both sides as the sacred emperor Trump said. Yet he was criticized for simply speaking the truth. In the end, i wish he went further. It is very clear to me that most of the bad guys were antifa and the "counter protesters" hell bent on destroying America and its culture. The good guys were the patriotic protesters trying to protect sacred artworks in the public space from being taken down and destroyed by the depraved and morally reprehensible left. Such shitty times we live in where the media portrays the left as all goodies and the right as all evil racists all while actual institutional racism exists through affirmative action designed to punish Asians and whites for doing well in school.

4 days ago

assault weapons

3 hours ago

Bring the Roman Legions.

5 hours ago

the progressive left media needs to be sued to the fullest extent when they promote thier hate .ptogressive left mayors and gov's need to be held accountable for thier contribution to the violence. call in the national guard. problem solved .

7 hours ago

Ask nicely first.

8 hours ago

Maybe there wouldn't be Riots if the Governments weren't so messed up, and provided True freedom, not Brainwashing and Control in the mask of "Freedom".

12 hours ago

Wow there's alot of nazi's down here

13 hours ago

Stop riot by Moscow gas, plenty of it.

22 hours ago

The counter protesters were just as bad a the alt right rioters.

1 day ago


10 hours ago

Portester:pours oil on floor
Us:that shit is mine!!!!!!!!!

1 day ago

Black lives matter and antifa where throwing molotovs through windows of innocent buisnesses but they were not arrested the actual fucking racists did nothing and got aressted

1 day ago

The city goverment caused the chaos of Charlottesville on purpose so they could blame the "Nazi's".

1 day ago

Neo-nazis and white supremacists are a good reason why you need an AR-15

1 day ago

You nailed apoltical.

1 day ago

Also heck I was disqusted seeing the man doing the nazi slaute in the back. They do have the right to demonstrate, of course. No one gets that taken from them, no matter how shitty.

1 day ago

An open carry state where some people are armed with “ASAULT WEPONS”!

1 day ago

“Alt right protesters” vs “counter protesters” 🤔

1 day ago

How to stop riots:
1) sit on a chair
2) grab popcorn
3) place your bets
4) watch the show
Finally one crowd will win, other will lose and if the guess is right then you win some money from the bet.

1 day ago


1 day ago

Cyanide darts are the answer. Stick those pig fuckers with cyanide when they go in for the arrest.

1 day ago

Ok actually all cops carry pepper spray

2 days ago