How to Stop a Riot

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Published: 1 year ago
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Protest footage used with permission from

Animation by Josh Sherrington (
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Joe Cieplinski (

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I hope you enjoy this video! I attempted to make it as apolitical as possible and centered around the tactics but I'm sure some commenters will disagree.

If you didn't see at the end of the video, I'm launching a new channel this Thursday and I'd really appreciate it if you subscribe in advance to give it a shot. The link is the top one in the description.

1 year ago

If you were aiming to be as apolitical as possible, just cut the first few seconds because you completely told off on the right, but nothing about the left, just say right wingers, and left wingers not neo-nazis etc

1 day ago

I moved before the riot

4 days ago

All of the footage of the "rioters" weren't "neo-Nazi, white supremacists, or far right wingers", they were actually all from the left and the left were the ones who started the riot and the right winged people came to fight the left people bc of how they have beat the shit out of people

1 week ago

Im just gonna explain this once. These white nationalists were legally protesting. They had a permit and were peaceful. Antifa had a counter protest nearby but had no permit and decided to initiate violence against the white nationalist protesters. Yes the white nationslists had weapons yet were not violent until antifa had begun clubbing and pepper spraying the protesters. Then the white nationalist protesters fought back. This is a classic example of two far extreme groups fighting each other. Fascists vs racists thats what happened antifa saying that oposing opinions were not allowed to be expressed so they attacked and racists fighting back. Facism vs racism . Honestly they are really the same entity if they actually sat down and figured their shit out

1 week ago

I must have missed the part of the first amendment that gave the police the right to declare a legal assembly illegal...

53 minutes ago

Whats the difference between the Alt-right and the Alt-left? The Alt-right doesn't riot when someone else has a different opinion

2 hours ago

Make fake bomb

3 hours ago

using free speech to brandish swastikas = being invited to dinner and taking a shit on the host's table

5 hours ago

3:25. Was that the opposite of what he said?

6 hours ago

How to stop a riot, send in a bikergang and watch antifa run!

9 hours ago

Roman tactics used on people who can't even understand modern history. I love it!

10 hours ago

Actually it was far right vs far left.... not simple protesters. Elements of Antifa and BLM vs Nazis and WS... both sides had neutral players... but both sides were violent. Could have ended far worse but blaming one side or painting one side as less culpable is purely bogus. Both side deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet.

12 hours ago

You are so far from truth it reminds of Hillary and CNN. So thats why the fascist antifa also dresses up in black bloc to feel they have power in numbers.

13 hours ago

Counter protester? You mean local terrorist??

1 day ago


1 day ago

Fuck Marxism and Fascism. Fuck Antifa and the KKK.

1 day ago

How to stop a riot:


1 day ago

0:07"I thought this was the meetup for the Milsim"

1 day ago

Took me less than 2 minutes to tag this as a liberal nazi antifa training video. can tell by the's sooo...Soy!

1 day ago

Your video is bullshit from the start. You claim that anyone who does not agree with your communist bullshit is a alt-right, neo-nazi, white supremacist. You also claim that antifa are counter protesters which is another lie and more bullshit. People who voted for Trump are NOT nazi because the nazi were left-wing idiots like yourself. Trump supporters are NOT Alt-right they are always right and you are always wrong. Trump supporters are not all white they are from every group in the USA so again you have been proven to be a liar and full of shit. Antifa are NOT protesters they are listed as a terrorist group and they need to be shut down. You said it yourself that there was a permit for the march and the antifa did have a permit and were not there legally. The police should have gone after Antifa because they were there unlawfully. Instead they unlawfully cancelled the permit and went after the Trump supporters. That was the fault of the police for not respecting the permit. I would not subscribe to your bullshit channel and only came here to give you a thumbs down because you are spreading propaganda and lies for the communist takeover of the US. Stop calling Trump supporters alt-right, neo-nazi, white supremacist because that is a lie and STOP calling antifa protesters because they are communist terrorists and NOT protesters. Antifa had NO legal right to be there and the police should have arrested every one of them.

1 day ago

how to stop a riot? hollow points and flash bangs

1 day ago

"Counter-protesters"? You mean, the shitty group of people that started the violence against a legal, and what would have been peaceful protest by law abiding citizens? I can tell there was definitely no bias here(!)

1 day ago

The police were clearly outnumbered and inexperienced. What you do is you bring in more numbers and experience from other places.

1 day ago

How to stop a riot: you need to not be a liberal.

2 days ago

"How to stop a riot" China Intensifies

2 days ago

Shoot up the air. That’ll show they mean business.

2 days ago

How to stop a riot: bring a tank

2 days ago

If all the counter-demonstrators had been in the other park, nothing would have happened. The supremacists were given permission to assemble in the center of town. The counter-demonstrators were wanting a fight and that is what they got. I hate white supremacy but I also do not care for people that are looking for a fight. Everyone has a right to protest and free speech- the counter-demonstrators were attempting to deny the other side that right. That is not the way our republic works. The counter-demonstrators were culpable.

2 days ago

Gun 'Em Down!

ts a joke chill

2 days ago

Don't stop me, can't stop me ;)

2 days ago

I’ll have to reconsider my opinion next time I see the cops on the sidelines

2 days ago

You have to tell everyone that the riot police will beat the protesters into the ground, taze, breaks bones, gunshot wounds, and then they will arrest your sorry ass.

2 days ago

How do stop a riot,play call of duty

2 days ago